Practicing Catholic: MCC legislative wrap-up with Jason Adkins

MCC legislative wrap-up with Jason Adkins - Session overview, Families First legislation, Driver’s License for All, abortion

Did you find it difficult to keep-up with all of the new laws passed by the 2023 Minnesota Legislature and signed by Governor Walz? It’s okay if you did, because we’re sitting down with Jason Adkins from the Minnesota Catholic Conference to understand what happened when it comes to abortion, so-called gender affirmation, marijuana and more.


In part 1 of our conversation with Jason Adkins, Rebecca Omastiak from The Catholic Spirit asks about new laws regarding abortion, but also areas of hope – like the Families First Project and the amount of prayer at the capitol this session.

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Gender identity and so-called gender affirming care were front-and-center at the Capitol this session. In part 2 of our discussion with Jason Adkins, The Catholic Spirit's Rebecca Omastiak asks about gender identity legislation and efforts by the MCC to support affordable housing and the closing of the achievement gap.

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In part 3 of our conversation, The Catholic Spirit’s Rebecca Omastiak asks Jason Adkins about the legalization of recreational marijuana, new gun laws and how to get involved in the legislative process. 

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