Catholics At The Capitol: Rep. Jon Koznick On Being Catholic In The Public Sphere

In this episode, we continue our “Catholics at the Capitol” feature where we speak with Catholics who are working at the state capitol in a variety of ways. We are speaking with Representative Jon Koznick of District 58-A which covers Lakeville, one of 36 Catholics currently serving in the state legislature. He has his bachelor's in marketing from St. Cloud State. He and his wife have two children. Representative Koznick is in his 4th term. Outside of his service as a legislator, he is a business owner and works in real estate.

In our mailbag segment, we’re addressing a topic on many listeners' minds… responding to violence as a form of political protest.

And of course, we want to leave you with some practical tips on how you can start to put your faith into action. In our bricklayer segment one step you can take to start healing divisions in our state.

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