Sustainable Agriculture

Agriculture is not just a way to make a buck; it’s a way of life. Farmers and ranchers are intimately involved in co-creation with God, nurturing seed and livestock to provide mankind with the bounty of the land. Agriculture is not one industry among many; it is a special calling, a vocation, and should be celebrated, supported, and engaged in as such.

Some forms of industrial farming are not consistent with this vision and maximize short-term profits and efficiency at the expense of long-term viability. Pollution of water resources, mistreatment of livestock, degradation of soil quality, and the destabilization of small-town communities are some of the dangers produced when farming is seen exclusively in terms of profit and cost. Public policy should curtail the excesses of factory farming, while also providing support to more sustainable forms of agriculture, particularly smaller-scale family operations.

MCC is engaged in advocacy to improve agriculture in Minnesota, from providing more opportunities for beginning farmers to reducing chemical runoff into our lakes and rivers.

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