Testimony in support of H.F. 923 nonpublic schools alternative transportation services

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Overview of HF923 (Bennett) House Education Policy Committee

Background Information:

HF923 (Bennett) provides flexibility between nonpublic schools and school districts regarding alternative transportation services.

This legislation provides nonpublic schools and school districts with greater flexibility when transporting nonpublic students. By mutual agreement, school districts and nonpublic schools may agree to an alternative transportation arrangement for transporting nonpublic school students.

The legislation outlines options for this voluntary arrangement if the school district is contracting for bus and transportation services or if the school district uses employees to provide transportation services (in some cases, the school district uses both options).This mutually beneficial flexibility was utilized when the Safe Learning Plan was in effect during the COVID-19 pandemic. Once the Peacetime Emergency Executive Order signed by Governor Walz was revoked, the Safe Learning Plan was no longer in effect for school districts.

Post pandemic, this legislation brings clarity as it relates to alternative transportation agreements mutually agreed to by school districts and nonpublic schools. If enacted into law, this legislation would allow for this flexibility to be available permanently if both the school district and nonpublic school mutually agree.

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