The Catholic Spirit: The Nitty-Gritty of Surrogacy Arrangements

(September 7, 2016 – The Catholic Spirit – Bridget Ryder)

When plans change, parties become at odds with financial responsibilities, well-being of children

When California surrogate mother Melissa Cook reached Harold Cassidy on Thanksgiving morning in 2015, he was the first attorney she found ready to defend her constitutional right to carry to term the three babies in her womb. Cook’s story has been widely publicized, and on Aug. 16, Cassidy, a Catholic lawyer from New Jersey, brought it before a Minnesota state legislative commission studying surrogacy. The 15-member commission’s final report — due in December — could guide future legislation on surrogacy.

Cassidy highlighted Cook’s story as how legalized commercial surrogacy operates as a profit-driven industry that sacrifices the rights of women and children to protect the interests of its customer, the intended parent.


According to Kathryn Mollen, the policy and outreach coordinator at the Minnesota Catholic Conference, Resolve: The National Infertility Association that supports artificial reproductive technology and third party reproduction, opposed legislation to establish the commission now studying surrogacy.


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