Virginia Walden Ford on Her Fight for True School Choice and Educational Opportunities for All Kids

This week's episode starts with a very special interview with a woman who, spurred by her passion for educational opportunity, inspired families, filmmakers, and lawmakers to make positive changes to the education system.

Virginia Walden Ford is one of America’s leading advocates for parent empowerment. As a student, a mother, an advocate, and a grandmother, Virginia has spent her life fighting to create new educational opportunities for children and families.

A native of Little Rock, Arkansas and the daughter of two public school educators, Virginia and her twin sister, Harrietta, were among the first 130 students chosen to desegregate Little Rock’s high schools in the mid-1960s.

In our mailbag segment, we discuss charter schools and how they function and provide parents one more option for their children's education.

In our bricklayer segment, we discuss how you can get involved with National School Choice Week, and catch the film Miss Virginia based on Ms. Ford's true story.

Links to resources mentioned in the podcast:

Virginia's book, "School Choice: A Legacy to Keep" and film "Miss Virginia" are available through her website:

Opportunity for All Kids, an education advocacy partner of the Minnesota Catholic Conference:

Registration for "Miss Virginia" film-screening:…983415?ref=estw

Minnesota's National School Week Events:

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