Dr. Carlo Lancellotti on the philosophy and works of Augusto Del Noce

Today we have a great interview with Dr. Carlo Lancellotti a professor at the College of Staten Island where he is the chair of the Mathematics department. Not only is he a brilliant mathematician but he is also the translator of the works of 20-century Italian political philosopher Augusto Del Noce.

Augusto Del Noce grew up in Turin, Italy which between the two World Wars was one of the main centers of secular and anti-Fascist culture in Italy. His studies of modern rationalism reflected a broader interest in the relationship between Catholic thought and secular culture.

After World War two Del Noce studied the relationship between Christianity and Communism. His writings also include discussions of Marxism and the role of atheism in modern philosophy.

In our mailbag segment, we discuss the concept of "Days on the Hill" as the legislative session gets underway.

In our bricklayer segment, we delve into a great tool that will help you to track any piece of legislation across Minnesota throughout session.

Links mentioned in the episode:

Crisis of Modernity -

Augusto Del Noce on the “New Totalitarianism” - https://www.communio-icr.com/articles/view/augusto-del-noce-on-the-new-totalitarianism

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