Alpha News: House Democrats approve surrogacy legislation, gun control bill

Democrats in control of the Minnesota House of Representatives passed surrogacy legislation that has been strongly criticized by religious groups and social conservatives in the state. Authored by four women in the chamber, HF 3567 passed in a 68-61 vote.

In Minnesota, surrogacy is currently legal. However, the practice exists as a private arrangement, meaning the legal system does not have authority to enforce surrogacy agreements between individuals. Passed by House Democrats on Monday night, HF 3567 would establish a legal framework for the surrogacy process.

Among its provisions, the bill states that individuals who provide sperm or an egg in the course of “assisted reproduction” would not be legally considered a parent of the child. Conversely, the legislation says that an individual who signs a document which establishes “intent to be a parent of a child conceived by the assisted reproduction is a parent of the child.”

“Are human beings yours to buy and sell? Are they? Can you answer that question?” Rep. Walter Hudson, R-Albertville, asked Democrats during a fiery speech on the House floor.

In response to the passage of HF 3567, the Minnesota Catholic Conference (MCC) and the Minnesota Family Council (MFC) released a statement denouncing “the legalization of commercial surrogacy arrangements.”

“Surrogacy commodifies women’s bodies, reduces children to mere products, and creates a system ripe for exploitation and abuse,” said Rebecca Delahunt, Director of Public Policy for the MFC. “By legalizing surrogacy, we risk devaluing the inherent dignity of both women and children, treating them as objects to be bought and sold. Women are not for rent and children are not for sale.”

The Senate version of the surrogacy bill has not yet been voted on by the full Minnesota Senate.


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