Minnesota News Network: MN House Passes Surrogacy Bill, Family Council & Catholic Conference Oppose

(St. Paul, MN) — The Minnesota House last night (Mon) on a vote of 68-to-61 passed a bill that sponsors say will make it easier and clearer for Minnesotans to determine who is legally a parent of a child born through assisted reproduction — such as in-vitro fertilization — or surrogacy. 

Saint Paul Democrat Athena Hollins contends families formed through alternative processes deserve legal clarity and security. But the Minnesota Family Council’s Rebecca Delahunt says, “Surrogacy commodifies women’s bodies, reduces children to mere products, and creates a system ripe for exploitation and abuse.” Pope Francis recently called for a global ban on surrogacy, and Jason Adkins with the Minnesota Catholic Conference says, “We hope prospective parents considering commercial surrogacy would open their hearts to adoption.” 


Read the full story at Minnesota News Network.

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