Letter to Sen. Klobuchar highlights concerns over the Equality Act


Hon. Amy Klobuchar
United States Senate

Dear Senator Klobuchar:

Peace be with you.

Thank you for your service to Minnesotans and to all Americans.

We write today to highlight concerns we have with the Equality Act, recently passed by the House of Representatives, and soon to be heard in the Senate Judiciary Committee.

We believe that every person is made in the image and likeness of God and that no one should suffer from unjust discrimination.  We are ready to partner with anyone to achieve that important goal.

Unfortunately, for the reasons described in the attached letters from the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops and the Catholic Health Association of the United States, we think the Equality Act harms the common good by imposing a set of unjust mandates on Catholics and others who hold different views about human sexuality than the proponents.

In short, the Equality Act is not a shield against discrimination; rather, it is a sword against people of faith.

We encourage you to review the attached correspondence that outlines well our concerns about the impact this bill would have on Catholic charities, ministries, health care providers, and others.  The legislation will impact our freedom to continue providing important services to the whole community in a way that is consistent with our conscience.

When we do not uphold a respectful pluralism on these matters, the persons we serve do not receive the care that they need, and the common good suffers.

We are happy to discuss in more detail our concerns with you or your staff.  Please reach out if you have any questions.  We are grateful for your consideration.

Respectfully yours,

Jason Adkins                                                      Toby Pearson
Executive Director                                              Executive Director
Minnesota Catholic Conference                            Catholic Health Association – Minnesota

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